OnRails is a technology company that seeks to help society through the use of innovative technologies. As a team, we have worked in very different areas with the objective to diversify and improve our skills.
Our values and aspirations always revolve around improving people’s lives through the democratization of technology and bringing the best user experience to our users.

Our Projects

White Jacket

The White Jacket is a project that aims to improve mobility for visually impaired people by using the latest and best technology available. Our goal is to make the world a much more accessible place through technology.


Ducktonic adventures is a cooperative multiplayer game where you play as two duck brothers in a crawl- ing adventure through mysterious ruins to find the
old forgotten treasure.
This award-winning game ( global game jam TCM) provides a place where two players can test and im- prove their trust in each other by completing puzzles. The game is designed to make the players communi- cate to be able to navigate the dungeon. One charac- ter will be able to see half of the scene while the other will be able to see the rest. Players will need to talk
with each other to get to the end. Learn more


Panacea is a hackathon-winning platform aimed at elder people with the objective of connecting with people in the same situation.
The platform allows for active aging that improves big issues such as loneliness and social exclusion by connecting them to activities that will help them have fun as well as improve their wellness.

The Lightkeeper

The lightkeeper is a narrative-driven game that explores themes such as loneliness through the use the environmental storytelling.
This game has the objective to be visually impressive by creating tools that allowed it to speed up game development. It was developed in less than 10 weeks to demonstrate how these tools could automate many tedious and time-consuming processes.
The game was awarded for the best art and best tech that same year at university.